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Phone Connections

Phones are a necessity in today's society. But did you know that Telstra no longer installs phone outlets?
Now you have to get a registered cabler (not an electrician) to install telephone outlets or preform any related work inside your property.

Phone and Data Outlets

We install high quality outlets at the best possible price.

Telephone Outlet

Single telephone outlet from $100

Add $30 for each additional phone outlet on the same panel.

You may find that one outlet may not be enough to handle your needs (Fax, Phone, Internet, etc) so additional outlets can be supplied on the same plate.

ADSL Filters

ADSL Filters are a must have if you have broadband to seperate the ADSL signal to the phones. A hardwired ADSL filter will remove the need for individual filters on each outlet.
Houses with back to base or dial out alarm systems require hardwired filters to ensure their alarms will function correctly.

ADSL Filter/Splitter $120
ADSL Filter/Splitter with phone outlet $220
ADSL Filter/Splitter with telephone & Data outlets (double outlet) $250
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